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This website was created in memory or our son Ildefonso Vincente Gonzalez "Our Gordo"... As his mother I have to say that the saddest time of my life has been to walk life without our son. I am grateful to have had my child for 15 months. During the time my son was with our family, he was our joy and showed us an amazing love. He had a smile that was one of the brightest I had ever seen. I don’t want to focus on how we lost him, so I will share briefly what happened to him. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ On Dec 9th, 2005: I got home from work and found out our lil Vincent was sick. After I saw that his fever was still kind of high after giving him Tylenol. I decided to take him to the ER, there he was seen by a PA and prescribed medication for an upper respiratory infection and we were sent home. So, then the next day, my husband and I took Vincent back to the ER due to high fevers and the medication did not seem to help and Tylenol or Ibuprofen would not bring down his fever. Again, we were given another medication and sent home being told “Mom, you need to let the medication do its work and take its course”. So, then I began to question myself, and thought maybe I was exaggerating or overreacting. But NO, come Sunday, my son is still sick and not taking in much fluids- so back to the ER we go, at this point we were told that we couldn’t be bringing him in when he just had a cold. So, there we go back home. Monday morning comes, and we walk Vinny into see his pediatrician and she prescribes medications and said take him home and try these meds. And for the next two days we go back and forth with rushing Vinny to the ER. On Wednesday, December 14th, 2005, was the day my life changed forever, we took our son back to the ER and demanded an x-ray. Our son was taken in immediately and an x-ray was done. As were waiting on the results, we were changed to a room in front of the nurse’s station. Little did we know what their plan was. Doctor comes back and says “Oh, um your son has pneumonia”. He’ll have to be transported to CHOC, and we already called a team. Mind you all this happened before 10am. We sat there waiting for the CHOC team to arrive, so they could transport our son. What Presbyterian failed to do was inform us and the CHOC team, how sick Vincent was. The CHOC team arrived at about 5:30pm, when the Doctor saw my son he couldn’t figure out why weren’t either anyone of informed or yet where wa the DR that was attending my son. At that point I knew it was bad. He pulled both my husband and I aside, informed us that the team could not transport our lil Vinny, he had to be intubated. We were asked to step out of the room and within seconds my son was gone. That was the day our life changed forever. We lost a son and gained an Angel. Selfishly I want my son here with me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Sending Thoughts and Prayers...   / Angela-Daughter To Angel Linda Taylor
Holding you precious Angel above in our hearts thoughts & prayers and all that love & miss you so during this difficult time of year!  Sending Blessings this holiday season to you in our beautiful heavens above... ((HUGS))
Our sincerest condolences   / Lorraine And Andre Rosas-Rochelle (Parents to angel baby Patrick Rosas-Rochelle )
Gonzalez Family, I'm truly sorry for the loss of your precious Idelfonsito's life. We received your beautiful Christmas card this evening and have just read your story we are so so sorry its touched us so much. You now have a beautiful angel watching...  Continue >>
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